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What is Counselling:

Unfortunately, in our society, there continues to be a stigma regarding counselling or reaching out for help when you are struggling. Reaching out for counselling does not mean you are weak. It means that you have enough self awareness to realize you need help to process your current life situation.

Why Counselling:

Here at Archway, we want to come along side you to help you understand and process what you are going through. We believe by talking with one of our trained professionals, that you will experience greater peace and hope as you journey through the current chapter of your life.


The following are some distress signals that may indicate you have a need for counselling:

  • frequent arguments
  • overwhelming anxiety
  • alcohol or drug problems
  • unexplainable fatigue
  • lack of purpose, depression
  • change in eating patterns
  • a continued sense of loneliness or isolation
  • uncontrollable anger

If any of these describe you, don’t despair. There is hope! We would be happy to assist you in working through any of these issues.

If you want to talk with a counsellor or have any questions about our services, give us a call. We’d be glad to talk with you. All calls are confidential. All our CONTACT information is on our contact page.

Counselling Signs
Counselling Types

What Types of Counselling:

We offer counselling at affordable rates for people that could not otherwise afford counselling services.

  • depression
  • anxiety/stress
  • marital
  • family concerns
  • Addictions
  • sexual abuse
  • communication
  • conflict resolution

Our Process:

We receive referrals from a wide range of sources, including employee assistance programs, Correctional Services, Department of Community Services, churches, doctors, Victim’s Services, and the Mental Health Center.

You do not need a referral to begin counselling.

Here is our typical process:
1. Contact us to book an appointment
2. Determine payment method (self pay, insurance, employee assistance program, etc.)
3. Take a very brief history to match you with one of our counsellors
4. Schedule a time to meet

Ready to begin the conversation?

Ready to begin the conversation?

Archway Counselling

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