Archway Counselling Testimonials

“For the first time in my life, I was given the opportunity to be able to express my thoughts and feelings with no strings attached. Just to be validated gave a real sense of value and worth, something I never felt before in my life.”

“I am very glad I decided to do therapy and counselling and even happier you’re my therapist. Our sessions have helped me to heal and to cope with my struggles. I look forward to coming and talking to you . Thank you!”

“These two people are very loving and caring. They make me feel safe and worthy.” ~ Group Participant

“My girls did not want to come to counselling. In fact, we were fighting before we came. We were going around in circles, nothing getting resolved, yelling and saying hurtful things. I said ‘this is the very reason we need to go to counselling.’ Counselling helps us understand each other and finally get some issues resolved.”

“Without Archway and the option of reduced rates, I wouldn’t have been able to get the help I needed. You have given me life skills that I needed and the confidence to lead a fuller, happier life; while always letting me know that you were there for me.”

“The joy and happiness have returned to my life.”

“Counselling has taught me it’s okay to have boundaries when people hurt me. It’s okay for me to stand up for myself.”

“It’s counselling that saved me. I feared the future. Wondering ‘will I make it’. Feeling I don’t have what it takes. Counselling helped me figure out how to face the challenges of single parenting and have more confidence in myself”.

Ready to begin the conversation?

Ready to begin the conversation?

Archway Counselling

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